LOBLOLLY THEATRE                   
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The Theatre

The Loblolly is committed to the
presentation of original works,
featuring primarily small casts,
enjoying a diversity of styles
 exploring the richness of language.
The theatre offered the intimacy
of a small space where the
relationship is primary. 

The theatre began full-time production on December 31, 1999
at 10:30 p.m. and  the first production ended with
a champagne toast to the new century and the new theatre.  
Loblolly was located in a historic building in Pensacola, Florida -
the old Sacred Heart Hospital, built in 1915,
and occupied the former chapel area in that building.
The theatre got its name from the tall Loblolly pine trees
prevalent in the area and utilized in the paper industry. 
The Loblolly pine reminds us of the organic nature of the work we do,
as we cast the play first and then write it
and develop it for that individual cast.

( Photographs feature the musical review, CON BRIO,
with Vicki Haller, Patricia Simmons, Mary Benson, Mary Steele, Danielle Turner)